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Being an athlete requires a level of commitment to ones self and their team.  Pro Spirit asks that all athletes:

  • Arrive to practice on time and be prepared to give it their all.

  • Attend ALL practices.

  • Be a team participant.

  • Remain positive and encouraging to peers.


Pro Spirit knows that behind every successful athlete is an amazing supportive family encouraging and guiding.  We as the parents commit to:

  • Supporting your athlete, your team’s athletes and all Pro Spirit teams celebrating successes and encouraging learning moments.

  • Help your child by arriving to practices and competitions on time.

  • Become an active participant in the gym and family activities.



In order to comply with Pro Spirit participation guidelines and for the success of all teams and athletes, remember:

  • Do not use the Pro Spirit logo or any likeness of the Pro Spirit logo unless approved by the Pro Spirit owners.

    • Please do not plan a team shirt or parent shirt including items such as cups/mugs, or other promotional items with or without the logo.

    • Please discuss any apparel/items desired to be produced or distributed to athletes/parents with the Pro Spirit owners. 

    • Please do not create your own individual shirt or item without the express written consent of the Pro Spirit owners. 

    • Items deemed as being sold for or by Pro Spirit can cause frustration and confusion amongst parents and teams.

  • Do not attempt to explain or discuss concerns in the parent room, through Band, FB, or text.  Please refer to Trey, Shelly or the team coach.  (Example: Why are they changing the routine?)

  • Do not use parent email addresses or contact information for anything other than communication with parents. 

  • Do not collect money, unless approved by Pro Spirit.



Program Reps go backstage with our team for additional support (all Program Reps conduct USASF background screening). Reps also work with Pro Spirit to coordinate events and distribute information through team communication forums.


Team Moms are essential in providing support to teams and distributing information through team communication forums. Pro Spirit thanks all of our Team Moms for their continued support.


Absences affect the entire team performance and limits the ability to practice to the fullest of the the teams potential.  However, absences do happen, therefore we ask that you follow the guidelines below:

Planned Absence - Absent Request Form on under forms.  Please fill out the form when an athlete will miss practice.  Do not use Band App to communicate the absence.


Unexpected Absence - Send email to coach when sick.  Do not use Band App to communicate the absence.


  • If your child is vomiting or has diarrhea, please have them stay home.

  • If your child has an ear ache or is generally not feeling well, please have them come to practice.   Even if they sit out and only mark their spot when needed, it will help the whole team.


Team Moms are not responsible for keeping up with who is sick or absent.  When one athlete misses it hurts the whole team.


All practice sessions are mandatory.  It is very possible that extra practice sessions will be announced specifically prior to a competition event.

A missed practice not only impacts your athlete with their role on the team, but an absence affects the entire program and routine.  Missed practices results in:



  • An inability to perform team stunts

  • An inability to mark spots

  • Teammate frustration


Types of practice:



  • Team Practice

  • Level-Up Tumbling

  • Extra Practice


When fall season starts:


  • Specific shirts/shorts and practice bow worn for Team Practice.

  • Team Rep and/or Coach will share what to wear.



Don’t be caught missing items.  Competition venues and rules may vary and will be communicated in advance, but Pro Spirit has the following athletic guidelines to be consistent in appearance:


  • White NO SHOW socks

  • White cheer shoes

  • Uniform top and bottom

  • Competition bow(s)

  • Makeup Kit, plus extras like mascara

  • Assigned hair style, bow, elastics, hairspray, flat iron

  • No nail polish

  • No hair elastics on wrists

  • No earring or jewelry of any kind


All venues require that athletes appearance is consistent.  As such hair and makeup have specific guidelines:

Hair and makeup tutorials will be provided prior to the first competition. The makeup provided usually requires additional items to be purchased such as, eyeshadow primer and mascara.  A bow(s) is included in the uniform/makeup package.


Items to have on hand for hair include:


  • Large and small hair elastics

  • Gel and extra strong hold hairspray

  • Brush, comb and a smoothing brush to help with fly a-ways


Depending on the hair technique chosen, other tools may be needed, such as a flat iron or a curling iron.


  • Expect extra practices prior to competition

  • Expect the routine and/or stunts to change

  • Trust the coaches have your athlete’s and the team’s best interests in mind

  • Please expect to spend the entire day at the competition

  • Competition meet times are provided one or two days prior to competition and are subject to change


Competition days are long and excitement is elevated, so most importantly – feed your athlete a good meal before they arrive.  Prior to the event, Pro Spirit will communicate: meet time, warm-up time, competition times, award times and dismissal times.  Please ensure to follow the schedule appropriately as the competitions move by the minute and do not wait for anything.  Things to remember:

  • Expect the competition schedule times to change – changes happen per venue and are typically last minute.  Pro Spirit has no control over time changes.

  • Expect to spend the entire day at the competition.  It is important to support not only your individual athlete and their team, but all of Pro Spirit as a program.


  • Parents pay to enter the venue—usually cash only.

  • Parking at the venue is usually cash only.

  • Some competitions have restrictions, clear bag policy, no noisemakers, or no signs.

  • Venue and/or competition sites usually provide the details of restrictions.

  • Expect some venues to have weak Wi-Fi, so communication can be spotty.


  • Meet times are provided one or two days prior to competition by coaches and is subject to change.  Approximately 1-1.5 hours before official warm-up time.

  • At meet time, athletes should be fully dressed with hair and makeup completely done.  Please do not arrive at meet time and finish applying makeup or complete their hair

  • Coaches need athletes ready at meet time to begin the competition day

  • If you find the competition schedule online, it can change, up to and including the time your athlete is to compete


  • Athletes are dropped off with team reps at a designated location.  Communication of meet location is usually the day of and prior to meet time through Band.

  • Parents are to leave meet location and sit in the stands with other parents.  For Youth teams and younger, parents take all coverups/clothes, phones, backpacks etc.  Please post where you are sitting on Band so parents can sit together.

  • Athletes will remain with the team rep until they are dismissed back to their parent.


  • Teams stretch and warm-up with Coaches

  • When athletes hit the floor, support and cheer on the team

  • Awards are usually on the floor where they competed

  • Athletes are required to attend awards

  • After awards, athletes will be released to parents at a designated location—Team Rep to provide location


The scoring at competitive events is multifaceted.  Many elements are taking into consideration which can affect scoring beyond what is visible to spectators and fans.  Elements evaluated include:

  • Stunts

  • Pyramids

  • Tosses

  • Standing Tumbling

  • Running Tumbling

  • Jumps

  • Choreography

  • Creativity in Performance

  • Technique

  • Difficulty

In addition to scoring elements, deductions can be given that decreases an overall score if a violation occurs or if an execution of an element fails.


USASF US All Star Federation is the governing body in competitive cheer.  Founded in 2003, USASF was established with a mission to develop the core principles of making All Star a safer sport by establishing fair and consistent rules and competition standards.

You will notice that teams typically are numbered.  The numbers represent the skill level.  For example:

  • Novice/Prep: 1/w Restrictions, 2.1, 2.2 etc.

  • Club/International: 1, 2, 3, etc.

The age of the teammates represents the divisions:

  • Tiny, Mini, Youth, Junior, Senior

The divisions have tiers:


  • Novice, Prep, Club, International



The skills and levels listed do not directly correspond to one another.  For example, Club Level 2 does not have a Tiny division.



Pro Spirit Competitive Cheer Tryouts.  Tryout schedules, Prep Clinics and Open Gyms will be provided/communicated in Mid April/Early May.


  • Summer Practice Schedule

  • Uniform Measurements


  • Summer Choreography

  • Team Bonding Activities


  • Fall Practice Schedules

  • Parent Meet and Greets

  • Practice Wear / T-Shirts Passed Out

  • Makeup, Bow, and Uniform Passed Out


  • Makeup / Hair Tutorial Provided

  • Team Poster / Sign Creations

  • Showcase

  • Trunk or Treat

  • Competition Season Begins 


  • Nationals Competitions: ACA / NCA

  • Nationals Traditions: Athlete Baskets, Decorate the Gym, Team Banners, Spirit Week, Staff Dinner, Coaches Gift, Athlete Clean-Up, Team Posters


  • Annual Athlete and Family Banquet

  • Flowers / Balloons send off for Summit / US Finals

  • Summit / US Finals

throughout the year:​

Throughout the year Pro Spirit will participate in and sponsor various community service events and fundraising activities supported by the Pro Spirit Cheer Booster Club.


what is the difference?

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