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Uniform Rental Policy


As part of the Hype and Elevate competitive program, Pro Spirit provides uniform bodysuits under a rental agreement for each athlete for the season. As rental agreement, the uniform remains Pro Spirit property and will be returned at the end of the season. All personal package items (Uniform shorts, makeup, competition bow) are for your athlete to keep and were purchased separately.

Uniform Care – Please ensure that your uniform remains in good condition. Some common tips for maintenance and care are:


  • Pre-treat any makeup mark

  • Flip uniform inside out when washing

  • Wash separately in cold water

  • Hang to Air Dry

  • PLEASE NOTE: Do not dry clean uniforms. The dry cleaning process can damage the garment.


Season End Return


For your convenience, Coaches/Team reps will be collecting the rented uniform bodysuit after your team’s last award session of the competition season in April. Please insure that your athlete has a change of clothes to change into. Athlete parents are responsible for the replacement of any unreturned uniforms at the full uniform price.

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