Token classes are available to athletes that have accrued credits during COVID-19.  In compliance with social distancing, classes are limited in enrollment availability.  If you schedule a class and are unable to attend please notify the gym 24 hours prior to the start time to allow others to attend.

If you are not currently an athlete and would like to attend a drop in class, please click here to email us.  Please email us with token balance questions.  Althletes that register and attend a token class without available tokens will be charge a class drop in fee of $20.

PLEASE NOTE: Signing up for a token class is an individual session.  You will need to check weekly and register weekly for classes.

For the months of June, July and August, tokens can be used on our specialty camps and clinics.  Please visit our Pro Shop to register.  At sign out please select "Pay Offline" and we will deduct from your token balance.  Clinics are 1 token each, camps are 12 tokens.

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972.346.9010 or text 469.406.6246