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I know that in our last meeting we decided that each coach will select their own weekly team chat session days and times AND that we decided that each of you will use your individual platform for those sessions.  In retrospect, we would like to keep all the virtual environment classes and chats on one technology platform.  We have selected Zoom as that platform for Pro Spirit.  We understand that there might not be a comfort level for each of us with the new platform, but right now we want stability and consistency for our athletes and families.  Since they are already going to be using the Zoom platform for classes, it would be a logical and easier transition for them to use the same platform for all our activites rather than juggling between multiple technologies for different activities.


Please send me info@pro-spirit.com the days and times you will make your team chat sessions available and I will send you the links.  Also please reach out to me for any additional links that you may need.


There is a LOT of information going back and forth including our announcements, the classes, the chat sessions, the social media daily contests and I am sure there will be more.  Therefore, we are placing all the links for all the classes and information on one central page for our families.  Here is a glimpse at what the page will look like:  https://www.pro-spirit.com/portal.  Before released, this will be a Member only page with a login and password required.


We plan to make an announcement today so please send me your dates and times today.  If you have any questions please let me know.