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Our all-star program is reserved for athletes that meet the level requirements with mastered execution. We are looking for the athlete that will go above and beyond to improve personal skills as well as be a team contributor. 


Elevate is perfect for athletes that are committed to the sport of cheer and the desire to compete.  Elevate is not an entry level program so we look for athletes that have a mid-level experience skillset. 


We are looking for athletes that can believe in coaching, learn commitment, believe in their peers and gym, and believe that hard work gets results.


Athletes that are interested in participating in a fun, stress free program.  We want athletes that: will listen to coaching, follow instructions, get along with peer athletes, are willing to participate and learn, and WANT TO HAVE FUN WITH FRIENDS.


Our Special Athletes program started in the summer of 2006 and was one of the FIRST SPECIAL NEEDS ALL-STAR TEAMS IN TEXAS! From the beginning, we have always believed that all athletes can achieve greatness if given the opportunity and this team is no different.

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