The TEAM PROGRAMS to include ALL STAR, HYPE AND ELEVATE at Pro Spirit are competitive programs. In order for our teams to have success, members MUST BE COMMITTED AND MUST ATTEND ALL PRACTICES. All team members are expected to respect the team practice schedule. Poor attendance creates frustration amongst, coaches, athletes and parents. We simply cannot expect the results that the athletes want, coaches and parents want without full practices.

Our Attendance Policy will be enforced for all our team programs. Please note there will be no warnings or exceptions. Thank you for your support; we are 100% confident that with 100% attendance we will be 100% successful!! GO PRO!

All team practices are MANDATORY; to include extended practices and extra practices.



  • If an athlete must miss a practice, a PARENT must notify their head coach and with the date and reason for the absence 1 week in advance.

  • Absence notification MUST COME FROM A PARENT and is to be submitted via emailed only by CLICKING HERE.

  • Athletes are allowed 3 absences only, regardless the reason, from September 1st through the end of their competition season (April or May 2019).



  • Athletes that miss practice, without notifying their head coach and/OR Trey Beaty or Shelly Wiggins, will automatically be removed from the routine; no exceptions.

  • Athletes maybe reinstated after a month of attending practices.

  • Athletes will be expected to continue to come to practices to maintain team membership.


  • Athletes that arrive late or leave practice early must notify their head coach and Trey Beaty or Shelly Wiggins.

  • 2 late arrivals/leave practice early equal an absence. 



  • Absence notification for ALL SUMMER pre-scheduled camps, vacations, etc. MUST BE SUBMITTED BY email JUNE 1st.  Athlete's parent/guardian must notify their head coach and cc Trey Beaty or Shelly Wiggins with ALL date and reason for the absence.

  • Choreography camps are mandatory.