The safety and welfare of the athlete must be at the forefront of all programming considerations. Youth sports programs must have clear, written guidelines that prohibit adults who have contact with minors from engaging in conduct that is either inappropriate and/or illegal. 

PRO SPIRIT will comply with the federal requirements for Sports Organizations in order to take measures to prevent child abuse. 


The “Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act” was signed into law February 12, 2018 by President Trump. Additional details on this Act can be found by following either link: 



The Act makes it a criminal offense NOT to take the following measures – there is NO grace period, it is effective immediately:

  1. Mandatory Incident Reporting
 - The Act requires Organizations to provide a tool for “Mandatory Reporters” to immediately report suspicions of abuse. The list of “Mandatory Reporters” now includes any adult authorized to interact with a minor athlete at a sports organization, facility, event, or treatment. 

  2. Consistent Abuse Prevention Training
 - The Act requires Youth Sports Organizations to provide consistent training on prevention and reporting of child abuse to all adult members who are in regular contact with minors/amateur athletes. Effective prevention training allows adults to see and recognize problematic behaviors before a minor is abused. 

  3. Confidential Notifications
 - The Act requires Organizations to provide a “mechanism for communication” for all participants and volunteers where they can confidentially report incidents of abuse, or suspicion of abuse. 

  4. Audit Trail & Reporting
 - The Act requires Organizations to establish “oversight procedures” to create records for each incident, including the responses taken to follow acceptable procedures, and can be proven during “random audits” of the Organization. 


PRO SPIRIT will provide education and resources for parents.

Programs will share and make available resources for parents to educate themselves. At minimum, Cheer Athletics will educate parents on the availability of: 


The posting of the policy for all participants and their legal guardians, as well as ensuring that gyms are meeting the standards set forth in the posted policy. 




  1. Post the policy for participants, their guardians, and coaches to see. (link HERE when completed) 

  2. Follow the policy as outlined in the above link, including hosting an annual sexual abuse orientation meeting with all coaches, parents and volunteers. Links for the items needed to conduct the annual orientation meeting are listed below: 


PRO SPIRIT will follow Mandated Reporter policies for the respective state. 


A “Mandated Reporter” is someone required by law to report if they suspect or know that child abuse is occurring. Each state has its own legal requirements and agencies for reporting. It is the responsibility of the Program Administrator and/or owner to: 


  1. Know the laws that are specific for their state. 

  2. Post the legal requirements and specific reporting procedures for their state for all coaches and adult staff to reference. 

  3. Conduct an annual staff meeting that includes training on the legal requirements and reporting procedures for their state.