Give yourself extra time to get to the competition venue.  Allow time for traffic and parking.  Athletes should arrive 15 minutes before their official meet time.



  • Eat before you come.

  • Arrive competition ready; full uniform, makeup, and hair done. 

  • Youth teams and below will need to give all their belongings to their parents before your team goes back to warm up. 

  • There will be NO CELL PHONE use from check in through awards.  

  • No jewelry or nail polish is allowed.  

  • Athletes must be in only Pro Spirit official apparel. (PS uniform, warm ups, and back pack).



  • Have your athlete at arrival check point 15 minutes early. Timelines are essential so please be on time. 

  • Check in with your Team Rep.  

  • Take all your cheerleaders belongings with you.  (Backpacks warm ups, etc.)

  • Find the section that all the Pro Spirit parents will be sitting in.

  • Be ready to CHEER LOUD and represent PS in the highest level of sportsmanship.  


Warm Up


Athletes will review, stretch and mentally prepare, followed by a warm up procedure established by the event producer.  We ask that athletes are:

  • Be Focused

  • Be Confident

  • Listen to your coach 

  • Respect your Team Rep

  • Represent PS in the highest level of sportsmanship to other athletes and event producers. 





Teams will compete in order of the schedule. After they finish the team will either sit in the stands together and wait for their awards ceremony or be dismissed to their parents if their awards ceremony is significantly later than their performance time.  Each team will be notified by their Team Rep with their team plan.



  • You got this!

  • Focus on doing your job in the routine!

  • Smile and have fun!


  • Stay on your feet throughout the whole routine

  • Cheer LOUD throughout the whole routine

  • Cheer for EVERY PS team





The award ceremony is very important to Pro Spirit. Athletes will not be allowed to leave early or miss the awards ceremony.  If there is some unique conflict that permits leaving early, it must be pre-approved by your head coach in advance.



  • Athletes must be in full uniform

  • No cell phones during awards

  • Clap for all teams

  • Stand up and clap when your team is announced

  • No Tears!   If we are unhappy with our performance/placement, we just get back in the gym and practice harder.  



  • Wait in the stands and watch awards

  • Clap and cheer for all teams





Teams will be officially dismissed by their coach after awards.  Team Reps will make sure that all athletes have been released to a parent or guardian before leaving themselves.

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