Play by the rules. I will learn and obey the rules of my sport and train to perform routines within those guidelines. 


Respect myself, my coach, other teams and event officials. I will treat all other teams and team members, with the utmost respect in every possible circumstance. I will respect myself enough to agree to train and compete with my safety and the safety of my teammates as first priority. I will behave within every Event’s code of conduct, recognizing the authority of event officials and workers in every possible circumstance. I will appreciate honest efforts that are made fairly in the quest of victory. 


Optimize my experience by meeting athletes from other gyms. I understand that all- star cheerleading and dance offers great opportunities to travel meet athletes from other programs and learn to respect my competitors. 


Make pursuit of victory more important than winning. I understand that winning isn’t everything, but rather my will to train to win that matters most. While victory shall be my expected goal, defeat is not a disgrace. 


Interact, in person and on the internet, with integrity. I will not comment negatively about my opponents on any form of social media: FaceBook, Youtube, message boards, etc. I understand that doing so reflects poorly upon the image of my sport, my program and myself. 


See the big picture and exercise self-control in adverse circumstances. I will increase focus and intensity at practice rather than retaliate or blame others. I understand that I am responsible for my behavior, and I will not allow profanity, anger or disrespect to be a part of any of my interactions. I will not allow the prospect of defeat to be an excuse for unethical or unsportsmanlike behavior. 


Exemplify sportsmanlike conduct. I will be a positive role model on my team and within my community. I understand that I am leader and that every choice I make affects those who follow me. I will uphold the promise to the best of my abilities and always work to improve myself, my team and my sport.  I understand I am expected to be a positive example in my private and public settings.